The Most Efficient Commercial Solar Panels for Your Business


If you own a business, you understand the struggles of overhead costs like equipment purchases and energy bills and trying to make ends meet, let alone turn a profit. Similarly, if you run a nonprofit, you want to be more efficient in your energy consumption, rentals, and other overhead costs to get the most out of charitable donations, volunteers, and your small staff of full-time or part-time employees. Unfortunately, energy prices are always increasing with our carbon footprints. Fortunately, AllSeason Solar has a solution: all-natural and renewable solar energy!

There are many benefits to turning towards solar energy, so read on to learn why AllSeason Solar should bring sustainable solar power to your nonprofit organization, commercial institution, or residence. We provide the most efficient commercial solar panels that can save you in the long run!


Make a sustainable choice by harnessing the power of the sun to create a brighter future for your business. At AllSeason Solar, we have vast experience installing the most efficient commercial solar panels and systems across a wide range of organizations. Every industry and every business has unique circumstances. That’s why we provide distinctive solutions for all types of businesses, whether it’s a workspace, facility, factory, hotel, or hospital.


Energy costs are high and continuously on the rise. This not only weighs on profits, but it also creates a risk of unexpectedly high bills. Massive and fluctuating costs impede business decisions as well. You can now put a STOP to such burdens and uncertainties by opting for the solar electric services at AllSeason Solar today! We supply some of the most efficient commercial solar panels in the country, which can help you save thousands on power costs!


Utility bills can exert pressure on the cash flow of your business. These bills may constitute a significant part of your firm’s overall operating costs, and your business probably spends a huge amount just to run computers, servers, air conditioners, heating, and lighting. Now, you can free those funds and invest them into the growth of your business instead.


To encourage the use of renewable energy sources, federal and state governments have introduced terrific incentives for businesses that have solar power systems installed. When you have AllSeason Solar experts install the most efficient commercial solar panels in the area, you can enjoy these perks:

  • Tax credits can help your business save a lot of money.
  • Your business can benefit from accelerated five-year depreciation on the cost of the system, under MACRS (the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System). This means even lower tax liabilities during the initial period of five years.
  • Your business can become eligible for utility rebates, lowering the overall cost of installing a solar power system.
  • Under the net metering policy, your business needs to pay only for the “net” amount of electricity it uses. You can then bank any excess solar electricity generated and receive credit for this, which can be used to during non-day light hours.

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The U.S. is making several attempts to encourage clean energy, and New Jersey is leading the way. Here, the law mandates that 22.5% of the energy generated in the state must come from renewable sources by 2021. New Jersey is offering lucrative incentives to encourage businesses to use solar power systems. These include:

  • A generous SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) program
  • A liberal net metering policy
  • Attractive property tax and sales tax exemptions

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