Solar Power for Non-Profit Organizations

"AllSeason Solar installed solar on our clubhouse August 2014 and we couldn’t be happier. We’re saving so much that we upgraded the lighting in our clubhouse.

Most HOA’s have to be concerned that they will have to increase their fees in repairs and maintenance but in our case, we might actually be able to reduce HOA fees."

-Dr. Robert Kahrmann
Woods Landing HOA
Mays Landing, NJ

Solar Panels for Clubhouse

"In response to questions posed by our homeowner’s association, the proposal and contract from AllSeason Solar was subject to intense scrutiny. An attorney, CPA and current AllSeason Solar customers provided very positive feedback and made our decision an easy one."

-Jim Bonner
The Gatherings HOA
Cape May, NJ

Clubhouse Solar Panels

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A HOA Clubhouse with recently installed solar panels for their non-profit organization
Solar Panel for Non-Profit Organizations

Your non-profit is unique, so is your approach to going solar.

The installation of a solar system to generate an organization’s electricity not only provides renewable funding to the nonprofit that can be redirected into core programs, it also benefits our environment and supports local green jobs. However, it's more complicated than a commercial or residential installation due to the differences in the federal tax & state benefits. At AllSeason Solar we understand the unique need of non-profits and how to save your non-profit the most money.

AllSeason Solar's programs provide an immediate savings to our nonprofit clients, as well as a hedge against rising energy rates over the long term. We've installed solar systems for religious groups, clubhouses, Knights of Columbus, veteran's groups, government facilities and homeowner's associations.

Solar Education Program

Your community is going solar but residents have questions.

AllSeason Solar is frequently asked to come to a community for an educational presentations. There is a lot of misinformation about solar and we believe it's our responsibility to educate consumers on this fast paced industry. We even provide refreshments while covering these important topics with homeowners:

  • How Solar Works
  • What are the Benefits to Various Equipment Choices
  • Power Purchase Agreements, Leasing and Buying Solar
  • How the Solar Market is Changing
  • Who Qualifies for Solar

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