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How to Ensure Your Roof is Protected When Installing Solar Panels

To much surprise, solar panels are not placed directly on your roof during the installation process. When installed correctly on a good condition roof, the panels will not have an effect. That said, there are several factors to take into consideration before installing solar panels. This is why the installer you choose is so important. A reputable solar installation company will not only install the panels correctly but also protect your roof’s integrity.

How Solar Panels are Installed

Solar panels are mounted to a roof using a “racking” solution. Most racking is made from aluminum because it is strong, durable and lightweight. Rails are used to hold the panels in place while other components anchor the rails to the roof. The system used to install your panels will be unique to your specific area. Some locations have more wind and storms than others, for example.

When mounting the racks, small holes will be drilled into the roof, but you don’t have to worry about water getting through. To ensure that your home stays dry, special flashing is installed around every penetration to help water flow away. The drill holes are also filled with silicone to form a watertight seal. Rubber gaskets and washers may also be used to protect the penetration location.

An Extra Layer of Protection

Surprisingly, a rooftop with solar panels may be better protected than one without. Over time, roofs see a lot of wear and tear from wind, rain, hail, extreme heat and more. The material can degrade, leading to cracks and gaps that let in water. When you have a solar system installed on your roof, there’s an extra layer of protection. In the summer, the panels also block sunlight, keeping your home cooler.

Remember, solar panels should only be installed on roofs that are in good shape. If you have an older roof, you should have it inspected before moving forward with a solar panel installation. Always choose an experienced and reputable solar installation contractor like AllSeason Solar. Our company offers a 25 year warranty against roof leaks. We use professional roof flashings and take every measure to protect our customers’ roofs.

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