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Top 10 Checklist When Buying Solar

If you’ve been considering making the transition to solar power at your home, the scale of the project may seem intimidating, but the benefits will make it all worthwhile. To break down the process into manageable pieces, we’ve compiled a checklist to show that solar power is just a few steps away:

Choose the Right Company.

The first step also happens to be one of the most important. Here at AllSeason Solar, we are one of New Jersey’s top solar installers by offering the best prices and up-to-date and efficient technology. AllSeason Solar holds both the NJ Electrical License and the NJ HIC License required for your solar installation. We never outsource your solar panel or electrical installation. AllSeason Solar’s installers are trained and qualified solar professionals. You can expect quality workmanship and respect for your home. We treat every home like it is our own.

 We offer 25-year warranties on our:


Solar Modules

Microinverters (we’ll tell you more about those later)

Get a Free Solar Consultation.

We’ll look different factors like your average electric bill, the amount of sun your home receives, and the direction your roof faces to assess whether you qualify for solar. If you’re eligible, it’s time for your free quote and quick consultation!

Our solar analysts will create a custom proposal specific to your home and needs, and then stop by to review it with you. It will include information like how much electricity your home uses and how many panels you would need to offset that. You will also learn about your choices and the programs available to you, including options with little or no money down.

Sign the Agreement.

This is the part where you lock in your power rate. With this low, fixed rate, you’ll save, on average, $29,000 over a 20-year period, while also helping the environment.

Get a Site Audit.

Our site audit department will schedule your site evaluation. We will get a copy of your historical electric usage from your utility provider which, together with the information from the consultation, tells us how much energy you’ll require. Once we determine exactly how much energy your home uses, we will customize your system size and power production.

Know the Benefits of a Microinverter.

This isn’t technically a step, but it is important enough to warrant its own section. Our solar panels use microinverter technology, making them superior to central inverters (an option from many other companies) in virtually every regard. Microinverters are more efficient than central inverters and generate no high voltage, unlike central inverters. Also, each panel works at its own maximum ability, and if one panel fails, the system continues to function, whereas one failed panel on a central inverter stops the whole circuit.

Finalize a System Design.

Let’s go back to the steps, where we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve completed your audit. From here, we’ll get a system design ready for you to review and approve. 

Make Sure Your Roof is Ready.

Once your panels are installed, they can help protect your roof from damage. They’ll also provide a layer of shade to keep your house cooler during the summer.   

If you don’t want the panels on your roof, you may qualify for ground-mounted panels. Qualification is based on system size required and zoning restrictions based on property size.

Get the System Installed and Inspected.

Installation takes a day or two and poses no inconvenience to you. We’ll handle the permits, applications, and other paperwork with local and state departments.

Turn on the Power.

Once the system is installed, and your applications have been accepted, the next step is the most exciting moment of the whole process: switching your system on.

Enjoy the Benefits!

The final step is one that you can enjoy for years to come, thanks to solar power’s long-term advantages.

Besides reduced energy use (which benefits you financially and also is good for the environment), solar panels are good for your community. That’s because renewable energy from a local business is a boon to the economy, both locally and nationally. 

In the next decade, renewable energy will create as many as 5 million jobs.

To start enjoying the benefits of solar power in your home, contact AllSeason Solar today!