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How to Select a Professional & Knowledgeable Solar Consultant

Shopping for a solar system comes with unchartered territory. This is probably the first time your home or business will rely on the sun for power. A solar system is also a financial commitment that requires you to take out a loan or lease. Because each situation is unique, it pays to have an experienced, knowledgeable solar consultant by your side.

A solar consultant works with you to find the best system for your home or business. By making conscious decisions based on your energy usage, budget and future expectations, you will be most satisfied with your solar panels. Here are a few tips for selecting a professional solar advisor who will guide you down the right path.


Request a Customized Energy System Design

A knowledgeable solar consultant will put together an energy system design that meets your current and future needs. Some of the factors that will be considered in the design include: the shading and pitch of your home, fire and building codes, how much energy the solar panels are expected to create, and potential weather patterns.


Verify State Licenses and Insurance

Solar companies should have the appropriate business licenses and insurance. Licenses vary by state, but you can expect a typical license to include general contracting, home improvement, and electrical needs. For example, AllSeason Solar holds a NJ Electrical License and a NJ HIC License.


Request and Review Customer Testimonials

Nowadays, you can get a good idea of how a company does business by reading their online reviews. A reliable solar consultant will have a positive track record with many favorable comments. If you don’t see many customer reviews, ask the installer to share some of their past projects with you.


Ask for an Explanation of Warranties

A good solar consultant will be familiar with the warranty that their products come with and the issues that it covers. AllSeason Solar includes a 25 Year Workmanship Guarantee, 25 Year Module Warranty and 25 Year Microinverter Warranty. Most important, we have local service to provide warranty repairs.


Look for a Limited Use of Subcontractors

Not all solar installers subcontract their work. They would rather have control over the installation process and ensure that all phases of the project meet their high standards. If you do choose to work with a consultant that uses subcontractors, they should be upfront and honest about their use of subcontracting.

Solar consultants are advisors that help you make smart decisions about installing a solar system. By working with a reputable installer, you should feel comfortable about the partnership and confident that you will get the professionalism you deserve.