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How a Custom Solar Design Process Works

solar panels on roof

Your home is unique, so why should you have a cookie-cutter solar panel system? At AllSeason Solar, we custom design each system and perform all of the work – no outsourcing! Our goal is to provide you with a solar system that results in greater financial incentives and benefits.

Let’s learn more about how a custom solar design process works so you know what to expect.

Solar Consultation

The first step is to request a solar consultation. The purpose is to make sure that you qualify for an installation. The majority of homes are able to benefit from solar energy, but some properties are a better fit than others. Also, you can only install solar panels if you own the roof, otherwise we need permission from your landlord.

At AllSeason Solar, our consultations are always free. We appreciate the opportunity to visit your home and better understand how a solar system can improve your energy needs. At this point, we can begin discussing designs that will work for you and your property.

Agreement Signing

If you like what you hear and are ready to move forward, the next step is to sign the agreement. Don’t worry – it’s not scary! Our customer service reps are happy to walk you through the contract and explain everything line by line. We want you to be comfortable moving forward. The best part is that once you sign the agreement, you are locking in your energy rates for the next 20 years!

Site Audit and System Design

It doesn’t take long for your system to be fully designed! Here are the key considerations we pay attention to when personalizing your solar system:

Average daily wattage. This tells us how much energy you use daily so that we know how much you need.

Solar PV panels. The panels are what catch the sun’s energy; the higher the PV rating, the more energy is generated.

Batteries. Batteries help you store energy to be used at night or during periods of less sun.

Inverters. Inverters convert DC energy into AC energy. Their rating tells how many watts you can get from your system at a single time.

Controllers. Solar controllers regulate the charge coming from the panels and the charge going to the batteries. They play an important role in keeping your system regulated.

Solar System Installation

Now for the fun part – installing your system! At AllSeason Solar, we work quickly and efficiently to install our panels. You can expect yours to be completed in 1-2 days. We understand that you have a schedule, and we’ll work with you to find the best days to come out. We intend to cause as little disruption as possible.

When the system is installed and all approvals complete, you can start enjoying clean, renewable energy with locked in rates for 20 years! To learn more about the custom design process, call AllSeason Solar for your free consultation.